Whether you're composing picture books for young readers or a compelling novel for young adults, our talented ghostwriters will adjust their expertise to match your distinctive voice.

Our ghostwriter staff, which is unmatched in storytelling ability and technical skill, is committed to helping you write the book you imagine. Whether you're an experienced author or looking to become a published writer, Epic Book Writers is your reliable partner in the field of writing. Join our club of accomplished authors, hire skilled ghostwriters, and let us walk you through the full process of making your book a reality.

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We put ourselves in your shoe first

At Epic Book Writers, we place the safety of your data and information first, and we make sure that all of your privacy concerns are met. Our dedicated team of professionals have the expertise required to protect your vital data throughout the writing and publication process. We entered the industry with a mission to deliver cost-effective writing and advertising services, offering flexibility in payment methods to ensure that nothing prevents you from getting the best writing assistance in the US.

  • Talented authors and editors produce excellent e-Books.
  • Best Ghostwriting Agency with unique ideas.
  • Get concise writing with ghostwriting experts.
  • Tailored content that reflects the voice of your brand.

Give us the opportunity to handle your book promotion needs, then watch as your masterpiece receives the praise and attention it deserves—all for a price you can afford.

EPIC Professional Ghostwriting Services

EPIC Book Publishers


As you begin on your road to making money writing fiction. Our expert team not only ensures the quality and marketability of your work but also provides strategic advice to increase your earning potential.

  • Talented authors and editors produce excellent e-Books.
  • With a professional Ghostwriter For Hire, get the quality content you have envisioned.
  • Increase brand recognition and draw in new customers.
  • Tailored content that reflects the voice of your brand.

Genres We Cover?

Bring your story to life with expert Manuscript Ghostwriting services

Fiction is the genre which is highly appreciated and read across the globe, It enables reader’s imaginations run wild and crazy and our professional ghost writers just have the right idea how to make it more enticing by adding up professional flavor and spice.

Polish your manuscript to perfection with our professional Editing and Proofreading

Non-Fiction book is the most effective way to create an engaging storyline. There’s a vast range of sub-genres which we can offer you. There’s no problem when it comes to producing a Non-fiction narrative, we are experts at producing the best and most engaging Non-fiction Books.

Publishing World With Confidence Through Our Trusted Publishing Consultation

When it comes to your Biography your story must be conveyed in the best possible manner coming originally from you and we understand the necessity of it therefore we have the knowledge and experience that is required to make your Biography look like a masterpiece.

Maximize Your Book’s Success With Our Tailored Book Marketing Services

Informative books require careful attention to details and that’s what we do we provide you with in-depth research & analysis for a particular topic as these are the essentials of Professional Book Writing.

Our in-house team of Professional Ghostwriters and Researchers enables it for you so that every important detail is covered in your Book!

Create a solid foundation for your book with our comprehensive Book Outlining service

Historical fiction combines real historical events with imaginative storytelling, creating captivating narratives that transport readers to different times and places, fostering a sense of escapism.

Our in-house team of Professional Ghostwriters and Researchers enables it for you so that every important detail is covered in your Book!

Make Your Book Visually Appealing With Our Professional Book Formatting And Design

Our poetry writing services offer personalized and tailored poetic expression, ensuring that each piece reflects the unique emotions, themes, and messages you want to convey.

Our in-house team of Professional Ghostwriters and Researchers enables it for you so that every important detail is covered in your Book!

Our Key Focus as A Leading Ghostwriting Agency.

Choose our eBook ghostwriting service as your top alternative to make your voice heard. Your thoughts, ideas, and stories will be perfectly captured in our words thanks to the excellent services we provide. You can count on us to create an impactful, high-caliber eBook that captures the attention of your readers.

Why Choose Us?

EPIC Book Publishers
Creative & Talented Writers

Our team of Highly Passionate & Experienced Ghost-writers skilled with Creative mindsets can handle all kinds of unique projects to ensure that you can convey your message to your audience in your book.

EPIC Book Publishers

Epic Book Writers focuses on high engagement while writing a book with that said ensuring that the content is 100% original and unique so that you stay stress free from plagiarism claims.

EPIC Book Publishers
Budget Friendly

All of the Ghost-Writing services come with an additional perk which is that we are a very cost affective Ghost-Writing Agency as compared to others.

EPIC Book Publishers
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Satisfaction is our No.1 Priority and in order to ensure that we provide you with Unlimited Fre Revisions until you are 100% Satisfied!